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Journeys Consulting

Life-enhancing consulting, workshops and coaching
Build resilience, intention and well-being to reclaim your purpose, power and effectiveness in an increasingly stressful world.
Why Journeys Consulting?

Why Journeys Consulting?

We can help with

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Tune into what is important, into your values. Step off of the hamster wheel and fully engage with life.

Create space to commit to yourself, to follow through with positive change and to get excited about the road ahead.


Relate to stress and The Overwhelm

as manageable phenomena in which to thrive, not just survive.

Employ the tools that create vision, tenacity, and connection with self and others, which is empowering.


How we take care of ourselves matters.  When we acknowledge and practice well-being, we generate momentum.

Embrace what is here now with excitement for the future. Stimulate processes for positive change. 




Meet Lynette Rodi

I am a licensed counselor, a wife, a mother, a quiet force. I am a caretaker of souls. I am a barer of life, light and love. I am strong and vulnerable. I doubt myself often, suffering the plight of an overly self-reflective introvert. 

As a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Licensed Addiction Counselor, Certified Compassion Fatigue Professional and Certified Resilience Coach who has been in the behavioral health field for twenty-five years, I have worked in all levels of care from school-based programs and inpatient treatment centers to private practice. I have always loved my work. It is an honor to be invited to walk with someone through what often feels like the most difficult times. To offer light in the darkness; a voice of hope in the chaos.

I stand for slowing down, tuning in, living with intention. Whole-heartedly.  I stand against the cultural myth of self-worth through busy-ness, denial of self, and the misplaced hope that one day, when we’re older/richer/more successful, it’ll just be better.

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Lynette Rodi

Bozeman, Montana


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