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Zen Stones


Lynette Rodi

As a mental health therapist for 25 years, I have had the great honor of walking alongside people who are going through difficult and dark times.  Being able to offer light in the darkness, hope in the chaos, has been a fulfillment of my heart's design.  A number of years ago the weight of sitting with other people’s trauma started to take its toll. At first, I thought I was just depressed. I learned that compassion fatigue is pervasive among people in the helping and healing professions. 


Using the research and practices that helped me through my compassion fatigue experience, I developed a number of workshops and retreats aimed at supporting people on the 'front lines.' As my work grew from one-on-one healing journeys to sharing these insights with a wider audience, I was also reminded that suffering is universal and that the concepts I was sharing are applicable to all human beings!  

As an expert in the material and a forever-student of the practices, I feel so very fortunate to do this work. I  have been able to move through my own darkness to offer hope and practical, life-enhancing tools and concepts to people just like you and me:  doing the best we can and just trying to find our way.

I am a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a friend. I  am a quiet force and a caretaker of souls.  I am strong and vulnerable.

I stand for slowing down, tuning in, and living with intention. Whole-heartedly.  I stand against the cultural myth of self-worth through busy-ness, denial of self, and the misplaced hope that one day, when we're older/richer/more successful, it will just be better.

I hope our paths on this windy, bumpy, glorious road cross soon!

Incorporating trauma-informed and mindfulness-based practices, we have the opportunity to meet on this path of self-discovery and healing.

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Drawing on cutting edge science and psychology on secondary trauma, burnout, and chronic stress, we engage with the evidence-based skills to re-engage in our lives and work in meaningful ways.

Certified Compassion Fatigue Professional

Realizing that we want more from life, we establish and maintain a baseline of wellbeing that supports and promotes intention and purpose.

Certified Resilience Coach

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