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Understand, Prevent and Treat Compassion Fatigue

For helping and healing professionals, there's a cost to caring. We experience our clients' trauma on a deeply personal level.


We feel the impact in terms of burnout, overwhelm, overwork, and loss of passion. Research undeniably shows the detrimental effects of this secondary trauma.


For those who devote their lives to supporting others, whether professionally or personally,  Renew! is an experiential workshop enabling you to identify risks of compassion fatigue, re-claim your purpose, apply life-enhancing skills, and develop an action plan for meaningful change.


You will:

  • Understand compassion fatigue and the cost of caring.

  • Learn signs and symptoms; prevention, treatment and cure.

  • Experientially understand Dr. Gentry’s five “antibodies” for compassion fatigue:

    • Connection and Support

    • Self-Validation / Perceptual Maturation

    • Self-Regulation

    • Self-Care

    • Intentionality

  • Create an individualized action plan to build resilience to compassion fatigue symptoms.

  • Leave feeling renewed!


Who should attend?

Therapists, social workers, counselors, peer supporters, doctors, nurses, family service providers, animal care providers, law enforcement, educators, administrators, faith leaders, parents of traumatized children, caregivers and anyone else “on the front lines.”


Continuing Education:

  • Meets requirements for Continuing Education Units for Montana’s Board of Behavioral Health

  • Approved by the Office of Public Instruction for Renewal Units

C.F. Workshop


Building Resilience in a Society of Overwhelm

Stress. We all experience it.

We feel beat down by The Overwhelm and have the sense that life is just passing us by.  We lose connection to ourselves and struggle to find commitment to well-being.

The effects of fatigue, headaches, stomach issues, heart problems, insomnia, irritability, anxiety, depression and despair ripple through our personal and work lives.

Organizations and businesses are impacted by employee burnout, negativity, decreased morale, lowered productivity and increased turnover.

There's hope!

Resilience allows us to relate to stress and The Overwhelm as manageable phenomena in which to thrive, not just survive. With resilience skills, we live with intention and we connect to ourselves and with each other.

The Resilience Workshop is experiential, empowering you to identify barriers, re-claim your purpose and power, learn and apply life-enhancing skills, and develop an action plan for sustainable change.

You will:

  • Understand the neuroscience of the stress response.

  • Experience HelloDriven’s six Resilience Domains:

    • Collaboration

    • Tenacity

    • Composure

    • Health

    • Vision

    • Reasoning

  • Identify micro-tasks for building resilience.

  • Create an individualized action plan to build resilience.

  • Leave feeling renewed!

Res. Wkshop


Rediscover your Focus, Clarity, Creativity and Impact as a Leader

Our fast-paced, overwhelming, and stressful lives often leave us irritable, disconnected, tired, and unfulfilled. We can never quite get our feet underneath us. Each of us has only one locus of control: ourselves. 

The Mindful Leadership Workshop empowers you to gain the skills necessary to slow down, tune-in, and live and work with intention.

Research clearly shows self-regulation and tuning-in to ourselves and those around us fosters more productive, creative, invested, and fulfilled beings.

The rewards companies experience as a result of the recent movement toward mindfulness in the workplace and mindful leadership is well-documented and an exciting culture shift.


The Mindful Leadership workshop is an experiential exploration designed to give employees at all levels a deep understanding of and engagement with mindful leadership.

Participants will:

  • Explore the neuroscience of the stress response and benefits of a mindfulness practice.

  • Learn how it applies to leadership excellence.

  • Facilitate hands-on practice.

  • Leave with personalized plans to implement what they have learned. 


No experience with mindfulness or meditation is required. Those at all experience levels benefit from this workshop.

Mind Wkshop
Leadership Development


Good leaders know who they are and how to accomplish their goals. Leadership development means clarifying your personal and professional values, identifying vision and direction for your organization, manifesting these, as well as fostering relationships that enhance success. It’s about what you bring to your work and how you execute.


Leadership can be uncomfortable and is inevitably stressful.  We address these issues by identifying and strengthening identity, values, effective behaviors, and empowering relationships. We focus on managing stress and enhancing resilience. These are the cornerstones of leadership excellence.


My mission is to support you in gaining clarity about your most important work, identifying difficulties, re-claiming your purpose and power, learning and applying life-enhancing skills, and developing action plans for moving forward to be the best at what you do.



Our first meetings will focus on clarifying aspects of your work that are important to you and addressing successes and barriers contributing to forward momentum. In subsequent coaching sessions, we will utilize Peter Bregman’s QUICC method to achieve your desired goals.


We will also assess your current levels of engagement in the six Domains of Resilience (vision, composure, reasoning, health, tenacity and collaboration) using HelloDriven’s PR6 Assessment (Predictive 6 Factor Resilience Scale). This tool illustrates your current overall resilience and areas to improve. We will identify techniques and daily activities to help you improve your resilience.


Be the empowering, engaging and effective leader you long to be!


Track 1

Addressing Compassion Fatigue

For helping/healing professionals and anyone "on the front lines" of care.

When is the last time you talked to a trusted colleague about the anxiety underlying your work? Or reminded yourself of the beauty that you have to offer the people you serve? Or did something revitalizing for yourself because you believe in its importance? Or simply stopped to breathe and tune in, to consider why you do the work that you do?


When we devote our lives to supporting others in our personal and/or professional roles, we inevitably experience the difficulties that lie therein. We can get a little lost along the way. We can feel overwhelmed, overworked, and just plain over it. Research shows the detrimental effects of secondary trauma and burnout on people in the helping and healing professions.

We will identify how your work is impacting you and then apply the research-based prevention and treatment tools of Dr. Eric Gentry’s five antibodies:connection/support, self-validation, self-regulation, self-care, and intentionality.

Track 2

Navigating Stress in a Society of Overwhelm  

For professionals in every sector, leaders and executives, high school and college students, and anyone else wanting to effectively navigate the stresses of life.

Stress. We all experience it.

Big or small, short-lived or ongoing, localized or global... it affects us all. Resilience allows us to navigate this stress effectively.

My mission is to support you in identifying difficulties, re-claiming your purpose and power, learning and applying life-changing skills, and developing action plans for moving forward. I have dedicated the last ten years of my work to teaching and training about compassion fatigue and resilience and am I excited to offer ongoing, individualized support in this area.

We will assess your current levels of engagement in the six Domains of Resilience (vision, composure, reasoning, health, tenacity and collaboration) using the PR6 Assessment.* This will help us to explore your current overall resilience and the areas that could improve. We will identify techniques and daily activities to help you improve your resilience.



We will use short-term, solution-focused methods to guide these meetings so you will leave empowered to start making positive change right away. Although I am a licensed mental health professional, Individual Consulting is not therapy. I will not conduct mental health assessments or provide treatment for mental health needs. If anything comes up that might benefit from or require the attention of a mental health therapist in a different capacity, a referral will be made.​

We can meet in person at my office in Bozeman or via a video chat platform that is accessible to you. The majority of your work will happen between meetings when you explore agreed-upon assignments for self-reflection and action as you create your wellness toolbox.


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