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Workshops for organizations and businesses delivering interactive, experiential opportunities for employee growth and development in the areas of Building Resilience, Compassion Fatigue, and Mindful Leadership.


Employees make positive change toward managing stress more effectively, engaging in work more fully, and practicing self-care more consistently. Impacts employees' productivity and creativity so businesses thrive.


Set in the beauty and tranquility of destination resorts, we engage in a deeply self-reflective process of identifying our longings for life and work, removing the obstacles that stand in the way, and developing a road map with tools to help us create the life we desire.


Conference keynotes and workshops are geared toward understanding secondary trauma, the neuroscience of the stress response, skills for building resilience to the ever-increasing demands and stresses of life, and the importance and power of tuning in with intention to work and beyond.


A catalyst for growth and development, one-on-one attention unlocks access to the tools and concepts presented in the workshops in a more meaningful and individualized way.


Whether addressing dissatisfaction at work, leadership development, overwhelming stress, or the realities of secondary trauma, coaching is tailored to each individual’s potential and vision.

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