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Lynette Rodi

A number of years ago the weight of sitting with other people’s trauma started to take its toll. At first, I thought I was just depressed. I learned that compassion fatigue is pervasive among people in the helping and healing professions. 


Using the research and practices that supported me through my compassion fatigue experience, I developed a number of workshops and retreats aimed at supporting people on the 'front lines.' Identifying this phenomenon in my clients' own lives and beginning the important work of treating themselves, my work grew from one-on-one healing journeys to sharing these insights to a wider audience through group workshops.


As time went on and I talked to more people, I was reminded that suffering is universal and the concepts that apply to treating compassion fatigue also apply to good ol’ stress management and fulfillment in life. My mission now takes on greater meaning in a larger context. I present the research and tools within a wide range of professions from small non-profits to Fortune 200 companies.


I am fortunate to do this work. I was able to move through my own darkness to offer hope and practical, life-enhancing tools and concepts to people from all walks of life. I revel in the experience of connecting in meaningful ways to groups of corporate executives, probation officers, after-school program volunteers, therapists, veterinarians, healthcare professionals, educators, and anyone else seeking the power to slow down, identify obstacles to their own fulfillment, learn and apply skills to make positive change , and sustain a commitment to self.


I live in the breath-taking mountains of Montana with my incredible husband and phenomenal kids. We have two giant dogs, a French Bulldog puppy and a cranky but loving cat. I enjoy reading by the fire and spontaneous dance parties in the living room. Each day I commit to living my best life with intention and I believe every human being has the right to a life well-lived. I look forward to sharing these insights with you.

- Lynette Rodi


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